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Published: 08th October 2010
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5 Top Wedding Keepsake Ideas and Precious Gift Ideas

Wedding keepsakes are a perfect way of sending your sincere heart-felt thanks to all of the people who joined together to make your wedding day so perfectly special. Unique thank you gifts for close family and friends can forever kindle those wedding filled memories. There are many different wedding keepsake ideas one could choose to go with; all of which can be uniquely blended with your wedding theme and thank you messages to keep those precious wedding memories alive forever.

We have gathered the 8 top wedding keepsake ideas that are commonly chosen. Whether you are planning to have keepsake table ornaments or gift bags; these wedding keepsake ideas are sure to kindle your creative side.

Top Wedding Keepsake Ideas # 1

Sentimental Trinkets

Sentimental wedding keepsake ideas always make for reception party spectacular; designing with beautiful flower coordinates and graceful table settings; all harmonized by theme and color; adding just the right touch of thoughtful sophisticated charm. Sentimental wedding keepsakes can add the perfect amount of elegance to the table setting; all the while enhancing the thoughtfulness that comes along with them; ultimately letting your guests know just how much their presence is appreciated.

By personalizing your wedding keepsakes it can add that extra touch of thoughtfulness and individualized recognition that is sure to be appreciated by all those special family, friends and wedding party members who offered their love, comfort, and support for making your day extraordinary. Engraved photo frames can capture that special moment for timeless and priceless memories.

Engraved frames, pictures and albums are all time favorite sentimental wedding keepsake ideas. Frames and albums can wrap those magical wedding day memories in loving messages of love and thanks. Putting together a collection of photos keeps your wedding book story alive for generations to come; and makes a great party favor for your guests too.

Top Wedding Keepsake Ideas # 2

Candle Settings

Candles have always been at the top of the most common wedding keepsakes list. Whether setting a romantic reception table or giving them as favors to your wedding party; candles hold the light and hope of love and thanks. Hurricane lamps can be used to create beautiful centerpieces; wrapped in coordinating flowering arrangements. Candlelight speaks the many messages of life, new beginnings, hope; and of course, love.

With so many different candle wedding keepsake ideas; the combinations are truly endless. Candles come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes and scents; so when choosing the candle that is right for your wedding; be sure to sniff them all.

Top Wedding Keepsake Ideas # 3

Edible Party Favors

Edible party favors are always delightful keepsake ideas. Fine chocolates, cookies and mints are among some of the top wedding keepsake ideas. A collection of coffees and teas make enjoyable gifts; small gift baskets wrapped with color coordinated ribbons and personalized tags are a unique way to go too. Customized fortune cookies with your name, wedding date and a thank you message inside are a popular edible wedding favor as well.

Top Wedding Keepsake Ideas # 4

Eco-friendly Party Favors

Eco-friendly wedding keepsake ideas are becoming a big hit with eco-conscious people. Unique ideas with tree seedlings and flower seed packets make great green wedding favors; symbolizing your growing love that will thrive and flourish throughout the years; as will the flowers and trees your guests take home and plant. They can be decorated with ribbons in any number of arrangements and personalized with tags.

Top Wedding Keepsake Ideas # 5

Seasonal Keepsake Ideas

Seasonal wedding keepsakes can be mixed in with some unique warm and cozy winter themes, cinnamon and spice fall festivity, spring freshness or summer fun. Favorite favors and gift ideas could include personalizing Christmas ornaments, apple cider, coffee and tea baskets; Lily fresh scented candles or little tropical umbrellas.

Wedding keepsakes are something that can be treasured forever and your wedding day is one of those forever treasures to keep. There are plenty of wedding keepsake ideas that can be uniquely incorporated into any theme, color and season that you have chosen for your special wedding day. From traditional classy photo frames and albums to edible arrangements; your unique keepsake ideas are only limited by your imagination.

The time you take to make your wedding keepsakes and personalized gifts special will be very much appreciated by those who have joined together to make your wedding day filled with some of the most wonderful memories that life has to offer.

We here at hope that this list of the top wedding keepsake ideas has brought you some new thoughts to utilize in your wedding theme.

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